Episode 418 - Hell Is Where the Heart Is

It’s hot as hell in NYC this week, which is apt for this particularly hellish episode! Austin, Rob, and Cado discuss some of their recent games of Hell Let Loose, and the different ways the tactical layer can (and will) break down. Then Austin and Cado check out Jupiter Hell, an isometric ranged combat based “traditional” roguelike, which translates FPS mechanics into its tile and turned based gameplay. After the break, we enter the atomic hell of the exclusion zone in Chernobylite, where Austin and Rob are finding ways to make the zone a little more cozy. Then Austin introduces us into a whole new hell of … librarians that turn unsuspecting visitors into books? Library of Ruina’s deck building and card game mechanics may seem inscrutable at first, but at least you have a sick soundtrack to listen to while you figure them out! Then the crew takes a dip in the question bucket to learn about what Pokemon Rob is, Bread, and parents who love Christmas pranks.

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speaking of heart…this episode really got me. I haven’t seen my family for some time cause of the pandemic, and talking about Christmas memories brought some tears to my eyes, much to my surprise. good stuff.

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Ah, fudge! It’s The Wanderer’s Library :frowning: Quick, someone call the Serpent’s Hand.

Re: the bread question — bread (and butter) goes incredibly well with slow-cooked sausage and bell peppers (sub. vegan/vegetarian sausage if a participant doesn’t eat meat). If you have an instant pot or something like that it’s a fire-and-forget recipe.