Episode 422 - Boss Makes a Dollar, I Make a Dime, That’s Why I Frag Aliens on Company Time

Patrick has some BREAKING NEWS to share, as the CEO of Unity has responded to complaints from employees about parts of the company working with the US military. Rob and Austin jump in to talk about labor organizing and the reasons certain strategies have fallen out of use in the US. Then the WPR crew talks through the Gamescom opening night live, but not before losing their minds at the latest Fortnite event, a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. After the break, Austin, Rob, and Cado took on some freelance work for the uhhhh … Weyland-Yutani corporation? They talk about their surprisingly good time in Aliens: Fireteam Elite, a co-op misson based third person shooter that finally fills the almost too obvious niche of “Left 4 Dead but in the Aliens universe.” Then Patrick and Austin set out to explore the universe in Jett: The Far Shore, an exploration based game with deeply interesting world building.

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It’s kind of funny that Firaxis is really close to making the super hero XCOM game Austin talked about wanting years ago on Waypoint. I would be really stoked if Firaxis took what they learn from this to not only make an XCOM 3 but to make their own original super hero game where you are building out your team of super heroes but with permadeath.


huh pleased to hear Aliens: Fireteam Elite actually has a fair bit to like. Likely won’t overtake Deep Rock Galactic for me, but definitely seems to be scratching a similar itch


Incredible that the Assembly Cut/Special Edition of Alien³ has so supplanted the theatrical release in the popular imagination that Patrick perceives a dog-variant as an unprecedented flight of fancy.

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Not just in the films - the Dark Horse comics had a bunch of other variants of the xenomorph from parasitising other organisms, including a whale-xenomorph. Indeed, the comic (that was unrecognisably adapted into a film) of Aliens versus Predator has the initial xenomorphs being due to seeded facehuggers attacking some kind of large, cow-like herd animals.


It’s been a while, I was under the impression that dog alien was in all cuts?

I was just watching some kittens climb around on a cat tree and for some reason my mind immediately went to “swap alien models with cat models” and now I really need that mod.

The alien’s the same, but in the assembly cut/special edition the facehugger impregnates an ox, not a dog.

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I’m all for them trying new things with variants on the alien design. The Kenner toy line in the 90s had the right idea. Snake Alien. Gorilla Alien. Crab Alien. Flying Alien Queen. So many aliens. They should just set the next alien movie/game in a zoo. Pretty sure there was an Alien King introduced in one of the comics, because what’s worse than a queen right?

I’m an alien 3 apologist. It’s dark. It’s sepia toned and I like all the performances from the cast. I mean I understand why people hate it. It really does just brutally murder any hope for the future that Ripley rightfully earned following Aliens but that’s what aliens do. Ruin people’s lives. Potentially it is the worst Alien threequel out of all the ones that were in various levels of development. There was Renny Harlin’s sequel to Aliens which would have brought the aliens to earth through a movie that was probably going to be more of a direct sequel to Aliens. There was the wooden monastry planet which eventually morphed into the all male prison of the third movie. There was the William Gibson scribed one that didn’t even have Ripley in it at all (think it was uncertain whether Weaver was going to return), focusing instead on Newt and Hicks and space soviets. They made a pretty interesting comic adaptation and audio book of that script. I say interesting only because it has a soviet space station (Union of Progressive Peoples) become infested with aliens and the implication that the alien didn’t need a Queen to actually reproduce, any alien matter would eventually lead to the growth of an alien creature. Allowing them to think outside of the usual chestburster loop, by having the alien literally grow behind the skin, and then basically bursting fully formed through the human in what would have probably been a massive undertaking for the props department.

Alien movies always seem to be in some form of development hell. I have no doubt that they will greenlight something akin to the direct sequel to Aliens, whether it be through Neil Bloomkamp’s Alien 5 idea or something with pulse rifles. Once Ridley Scott is done with his alien prequels. It’ll be time to revisit the colonial marines and their pulse rifles for all the nostalgia money. Of course I’m with Rob, any new alien thing should focus on the individual’s suffering under unchecked capitalism enacted by the corporate overlords ruling uncharted space.