Episode 424 - Hey, Have You Seen Patrick’s Keys?

Patrick lost his keys. There’s apparently some bears paraphernalia and a beer opener on the ring. Please email gaming@vice.com if you have found some keys matching this description. Thank You.

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Kotaku has a well-researched piece on the latest restrictions in China. I sincerely wish there was a way to prevent Patrick from weighing in for a third podcast in a row.


From what I’ve read, the gaming restrictions are a small part of a larger set of restrictions directed at the youth in China out of a concern that they are straying from the party’s ideology. The gaming restrictions alone seem minor, but the recent banning of “effeminate” styles from entertainment and the shutting down of LGBTQ social media accounts are definitely concerning. I think it’s correct to say that these regulations are not anti-gaming in that gaming will still exist, but I also think they are the least worrying change that has been introduced.


I am very excited about the next part of the Keys saga

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Patrick, you should put a bounty on the keys for the kids so it becomes a little treasure hunt :slight_smile:
Hope you can find them, not a great feeling to lose your keys…


Patrick never finds his house keys, but in his search becomes a Keyblade master. That’s the arc of this podcast over the next few months.


Kotaku’s piece kinda sidestepped some of the more critical of the CCP discussion about that ruling, I think. Yes, lots of games in China are exploitative F2P. But that’s because the government restricted traditional platforms from ever growing there. Punishing the consumer rather than placing restrictions on exploitative F2P games (you can only charge minors X, show the odds on in-game purchases, etc.) feels wrong to me, especially since the Chinese government can place mandates on companies quite easily. Not to mention that it’s still quite difficult to access a lot of non-F2P gaming alternatives over there. The consumer has only been given one option and now is the one being punished. Cracking down on the consumer rather than corp isn’t what I’m about.