Episode 426 - Waypoints Radio

And then there were three! Rob, Patrick, and Cado reconvene for a new sort of waypoint podcast, part games, part pop culture. With only three people left as full time staff we’re going to start splitting up game talk and putting in more discussions of the film/tv/whatever that’s been inspiring us lately, this week: Patrick and Rob give their early Deathloop impressions, as they both learn the ins and outs of the time loop, and try to decipher which proper noun is the one their trying to kill. After the break, the whole crew has been watching Ted Lasso, the different ways the show’s second season has been uneven.

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I’m glad to see the return of the Waypoints format!

By the way is anyone else getting double Rob ads with one being what seems to be the raw unedited audio? At first I thought it was maybe a bit but then realized it had no background track and you could hear Rob clearly stopping the recording at the end lol


Same, feels like a bug but it’s fun sometimes to see the sausage get made.

Because it’s a Butcher Box ad.



I can’t believe Cado said “if you ain’t PC Master Race you ain’t gaming”, truly sad times.


It was also weird him saying that Destiny was the only good feeling console FPS. I like Destiny quite a bit and Bungie clearly has a knack for good feeling shooters. But it feels about as good as any modern console shooter IMO. Like, I can easily switch between Battlefield, COD, Apex, Destiny, and Splitgate just because their control layouts are all extremely similar.


So far there is no more obvious symbol of the new post-Austin Walker age than using Dark Souls to contextualize the invasion mechanic of Deathloop instead of citing The Crossing like Austin has in the past.

How dare they not reference Arkane’s obscure cancelled idea that likely only me, Austin, and possibly Danielle Riendeau remember. /s


that’s sad indeed.

i was on a telehealth phone call with a relatively new doctor yesterday and he said “PC master race” during the call. wtf guy

(to be clear, Cado did not actually use this phrase and I was exaggerating his [presumably already tongue-in-cheek] comment for comedic effect)


how could i ever assume that dear cado would say such a thing :joy:. i feel like a real horses patoot. apologies (obviously haven’t listened to the episode).


I have a hunch who the guest on the upcoming Deathloop episode could be but I’ll try to reserve my excitement.

Hearing the crew talk footy is pretty fun. Tbf, I do not blame Rob for mixing up the Championship (English second division, below the Premiership) and the Champions League (cross-continental tournament between top ranked teams in domestic leagues; widely considered to be the most-prestigious club competition in the sport). I have not watched Ted Lasso but I’m very curious how much it conveys the culture of the sport to unfamiliar audiences. I’m in Canada but I’ve been following the sport my whole life and it feels like second-nature, but I do find that a lot of people don’t know how the leagues are structured (and fair enough!).

As well, the pod has covered American football a lot, but there’s tons of to be said about money and class in European footy. Would love to hear that discussion from the team if they found Ted Lasso to be an interesting jumping-off point for the sport (I am available to be called up to the pod, just sayin’)

It doesn’t really convey the culture or much about the sport at all. I’ve picked up things about soccer/football just through osmosis, but don’t know many deeper details. Ted Lasso doesn’t do much to go any deeper than that. It’s a very American view on the game. The most in depth to the culture of it is there “hooligans” that hang out in the bar to watch the games and the fun chants for players. As they said on the podcast the sport isn’t so much the focus of the show. Yes it’ll highlight moments and have some game footage, but I feel like the sporadic game footage has gotten even less this season. Even the outside the pitch aspects of the sport aren’t really touched on much. No mention of trading (I think it’s called transfers or something but it’s the same idea) players or the teams standing. It’s just kinda offhand about the record in season 2. I have no idea where the team stands in regard to relegation or promotion. I would have loved for the sport to be more of a focus, but it’s still an entertaining show.

As for it being a jumping off point for people getting into the sport I’d say it at least got my partner interested in trying to watch soccer. I’ve always been interested especially hearing the relegation/promotion aspect and immediately being so enamored by that idea. Again though the sport isn’t really the focus so it leaves you kinda lost of where to even begin if you want to start watching.

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