Episode 427 - Canonical Zacny

We’re all caught in it so we might as well talk about it! Deathloop has it’s hooks in the entire Waypoint Radio crew to the point that we invited on a special guest just so we could talk about it more. Moises Taveras joins Rob, Patrick, and Cado to talk about the game’s stellar mix of roguelike and immersive sim systems. After the break, Patrick shares his ending thoughts on Life is Strange: True Colors, and discusses how the franchise’s arc with supernatural powers seems to be waning, even though the general writing is getting sharper. Then Rob checks in with the opening hours of Lost Judgment, a game that bewilderingly opens on a story that feels like a 90’s after school special.

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The Game Informer review of Lost Judgment did not inspire confidence (they usually like everything) and this isn’t helping matters any. I would very much like that game to be good.

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Similar to Robb, my family has been mispronunciation our German last name for decades. It’s “Fuchs”, which leads itself to just tragic conclusions in the English speaking world. (Cut to AVGN going “Fred Fucks??? Omg, Fred Fucks!!” - And my dad is named Fred Fuchs.) I suffered greatly at the hands of gym teachers growing up because of this surname.

We’ve always pronounced it “Fewx”, rhymes with “pukes”, another shame.

Well, I met German people at the Grand Canyon years ago. We’ve had it wrong. It’s “Fokks”, very similar to our English word “fox”, which fits since that’s what the name means. But with a softer vowel, so if you’re not using a precise German accent will sound just like “fucks”.

So “Fewx” it shall remain.


The intro to Lost Judgment sounds like an extremely bizarre take on it, but listening to the pod, I found myself thinking “yeah, I’m not surprised they did this”. The Yakuza games (haven’t actually gotten around to Judgment yet) have always had a… not exactly ‘ripped from the headlines’ feel, but certainly ripped from the Japanese cultural zeitgeist. A lot of the storylines reflect concerns or themes that are hovering around other media or in the news, and school bullying definitely falls into that category.

Of course, making it understandable that they approached it doesn’t mean they did so appropriately, and Rob’s description makes it sound like they may have missed the mark. Still, I find myself not particularly concerned - I’m used to the Yakuza games being more than the sum of their parts, with soap opera storylines and a wandering tone, so even if the main story of Lost Judgment is weak I’m guessing there’s probably a lot of the other stuff that I do like spread around the rest of the game.

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The GI review gets into some details that Rob doesn’t (CW: #MeToo-related). Judgment’s story took a very big swing and mostly connected without things feeling mishandled (minus some stuff in the back half around Saori). I don’t necessarily object to the idea of an after school special because Yagami’s (YAH-gah-mee, darn it lol) obligation as the main character of a Ryu Ga Gotoku game is to help people achieve their dreams; they just need to stick the pivot.