Episode 430 - Life is Strange: True Colors Spoilercast

We’ve got special guests Natalie Flores and Moises Taveras join Patrick and Cado to talk all things Life is Strange. But first, we’ve got some ranting to do about a certain film lineup that is truly cursed. After the break, we dive deep on all things Life is Strange, from the series history with queerness to our own personal head cannons. We go full spoilers for the entire franchise to contextualize the latest entry, True Colors, and ask the hard questions like “who would ever choose Ryan over Steph?”

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the vibe and energy of this pod is off the charts. never played a life is strange but it’s fun to listen to people who love it talk about it


I haven’t listened yet due to spoilers but my personal headcanon is that the events and characterizations of Before the Storm are so divergent from the first LiS that it sets off a parallel universe independent from that game in which Rachel never dies. Basically a plot arc from the Life is Strange comics (from what I understand, haven’t read them yet).