Episode 432 - Agathwa Cwistie’s Hercuwule Pworot

The SPOOKS never end! The podcast is haunted by the spirits of Waypoints past, and one particularly tenacious intern is making a surprise appearance! Natalie is back on Waypoint Radio today to talk about her Waypoint hiatus, how she was briefly in the world of e-sports, and her current job in game dev. Then the whole crew dives into the question bucket to talk buying the same game multiple times, moon trips, and favorite life hacks. Oh also Rob played a Poirot mystery game.

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Glances at pod title

Slowly backs towards the door


Poor Abuelita-moth.

This is definitely not Latin American-only thing. My Grandma is Polish Catholic and is absolutely convinced that every passing butterfly is either an ancestor or my dearly departed baby cousin.


I have not listened but the title has me thinking Natalie is on this episode.


Coming from a Hindu family, that’s some real shade claiming somebody reincarnated as a bug. You gotta be much higher up in the food chain before it’s not considered a complete insult. Preferably, you’re pointing at somebody’s pregnant belly and claiming that’s your great-uncle coming back.

Also, yay Natalie coming back! Chaos on the pod has increased at least ten-fold.


I don’t even know how to describe the way my face contorted as I got into my car to head home and checked what new podcasts had downloaded. Maybe a mix of nostalgic joy and sheer terror.


I’m assuming that Natalie is taking over the mecha beat from Austin. How else will I know which robots are bugs versus insects?



When everyone had been dropping hints to good changes coming to the team, I never would have guessed it was Natalie’s return. This has me more stoked for upcoming content than ever.


Ah, now I understand why the pods have had such a chaotic energy to them since Austin left: the long dormant joyous gamer vibes were stirring from their slumber.

But seriously, Natalie coming back is one of the best things that could have possibly happened to Waypoint.


First of all: YAY NATALIE!!! So excited to have her as a regular again :blush:

On that bucket question: I am a big space nerd who has lived in Europe his entire life and I would almost certainly still choose the money. Maybe I’d reconsider if I had to pay taxes on that money or if I could bring back some moon rocks (one to keep and a few to sell :wink:)


Joyous Gamer Mode Activated


Just listened this morning while waiting in line to finally get my second shot of the covid vaccine (cries in brazillian). The Poirot game seems like fun, I don’t know why but the way Rob talked about it got me thinking of the movie Clue! (1985). Maybe because when I used to read Agatha Christie’s books I found them quite funny at times. Also, I am glad that Natalie’s back! Love the energy she brings to the pod.


Starting the podcast with talk about Natalie’s lack of benefits at Waypoint (back then) and “hire Natalie” to finally - in the end - reveal that Natalie will become a semi-regular again… makes the episode feel like a single brick joke. I laughed.

But mostly I too am happy that Natalie is back! :sunny:


You have to let us know when you get to the absolutely wild plot twist of that title!

 Regarding the question bucket question about life hacks, I want to share one with y'all that is dear to me because it is my brain-child, as far as I know.
 If you're like me and struggle to get moving in the mornings after a crummy night's rest, try taking a pinch of vick's vapor rub and spreading it on your upper lip. The vapors from the petroleum jelly are as good a pick-me-up as a cup of coffee, but caffeine free.
  I hope this helps someone get through their 8 AM university course, like it did for me.



This same trick also worked wonders on bus rides to the engineering campus…

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There was a distinct lack of joyous gaming on the podcast of late which I’m glad has been rectified.


So I beat the Poirot game and it was ok, but it just made me want to reinstall the Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishment game which I think (?) I remember being better. It’s been long enough I don’t actually know. Luckily that also means it’s been long enough that I can replay it without remembering solutions/plot so that’s a plus.