Episode 434 - Mother, I Would Like One Hot Wheel Please

The WPR crew is back from their day off on Monday recharged and ready to discuss the finer points of … the best way to make a PB&J. The crew talks about their time with Back 4 Blood, the new iteration on the Left 4 Dead formula made by some of the people who created it. While it has an uneven first showing, as with most co-op games it’s often better with friends. After the break, Natalie and Cado dive into their time with Deltarune Chapter 1+2, and discuss the ways the game continues to play with themes set up in Undertale in new ways. Then, Rob is colliding into his past as a matchbox kid by checking out Hot Wheels Unleashed, an almost too brutal arcade racer that has a bizarre home decoration component? And Patrick wraps up his time with Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and finds the back half challenging in a satisfying way that the first half was not.

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Yeah, Hot Wheels kinda suffers from the Crash Team Racing remake problem of “easy is a little too easy, normal is wicked hard”

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Anyone remember Hot Wheels Velocity X?

I remember this game being good? It was like what if Twisted Metal had an adventure mode and added racing. Surprised it never got a sequel.

After my time. But does anybody remember Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Racer on PC? I had the demo disc as a kid and just played the sandtrack level over and over.

That’s precisely why I bought this one lol

About Back 4 Blood: if you go to the “Solo Deck” section of Edit Decks, you can see every card that you can potentially unlock. From looking at that, the cards are for specializing your character instead of just “leveling up”, but like they said, you can’t feasibly do the higher difficulties right out of the gate, so it would be nice if the game phrased it that way. Also, I understand their frustration that everyone starts with the same cards even though the game is about specializing your character, but I think that’s because they want you to immediately jump into a game to get a feel for the gameplay loop before you start thinking about your build. After my first hour or two of play, I had enough supply points to get some cards that significantly helped me build my character the way I want, so the grind hasn’t been too bad so far.


Rob the Matchbox Snob made me laugh. It’s hard to imagine circumstances that would bring him back, but it would be welcome.