Episode 435 - Say The Line Cado!

It’s a new Monday in October, which means we’re one week closer to the spooky apex of the season. We’re slowly ratcheting up the spookiness this week by immersing ourselves in S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl. We discuss the early game as Patrick continues to play on stream, and we start to reach some of the scarier moments of the game. Rob is being Rob by reaching back in time to play Medal of Honor Airborne, a game that has Rob considering a path that Military FPS games could’ve taken in a different world. Cado’s playing … well a roguelike deck builder of course. Inscryption is his game of choice for this spooky season, with some immaculate scary vibes, even though it’s missing one or two Content Warnings up front. After the break, Rob, Patrick, and Cado wrap up their Ted Lasso discussion and hit on the “surprise” villain of season two, and just how off the extra episodes ended up landing for us.

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I’m glad someone at Waypoint is playing Inscryption because so far it is great with both it’s premise and way of story telling.

It’s very much dark entity is REALLY into being the best DM ever who has made all of their own props and purposely bought IOT lightbulbs so they could really set the mood.

The demo on Steam is just long enough to get you familiar with the mechanics and get you hooked on the plot. This is not as complicated of a deck builder as Slay the Spire I feel. The demo takes 20 minutes or so to run through so definitely worth trying!


I appreciate commander Rob going back to Medal of Honor Airborne. I really liked it, when it was first released. I remember being sold by the demo at GAME, dropping out of the plane over the battlefield raging below you and choosing exactly where you wanted to land truly felt like a next gen moment on the old 360. Especially after WW2 games had been done to death. Hard to believe, it came out the same summer as Bioshock, with Halo 3 and COD4 both releasing later in the winter. Really liked the levelling up in the game, forced you to mix and match your playstyle lot. But then COD4 came out and gamified absolutely everything about the minute to minute gameplay.

I feel really old now.


Ted Lasso spoilers

My favorite arc of the series was the Nates as well, glad the subversion of the underdog story was brought up b/c that’s what I liked about it. You don’t see that very often in stories like this, maybe at all.
…trying to think of another underdog tale where the constant encouragement and call for self confidence results in making a monster…

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