Episode 438 - I Would Simply Not Have 20k Unread Emails

We’re back and boy, do we have GAMES to talk about! Natalie is taking the traditional Animal Crossing walk of shame, as all her villagers berate her for being gone so long, but the real problem with being away for so long is much worse, and flower shaped, and might have its roots in some real life, uh, tendencies that everyone except Patrick share. Patrick is finding time for gaming with his kid in Zookeeper World, a solid match three game. Rob has the answers to all of our organizational worries, just play hybrid Basebuilder/ARPG Riftbreaker, at least you can make a neatly organized base! Natalie and Cado have been having pretty different experiences with Eastward, a beautifully produced action RPG that shines in it’s world building and story but lacks something in its combat. Patrick has been bitten by the Inscryption bug, he and Cado try their best to communicate how cool the game is without any major spoilers, and Natalie and Rob may have been intrigued by this discussion enough to stream it. Then, Natalie checks in with the latest from Apex Legends before the crew takes a tiny baby dip into the question bucket.

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I have 27,000 unread emails and I gave up fixing that a long time ago.

I pretend I don’t have 27 thousand unread emails by having GMail sort them into categories that don’t get rolled up into the number on the icon badge.


I simply changed my legal name and email address after hitting 20k unread


My email secret was buying a domain and using it for emails. For example I have contact@FirstNameLastName[.]com which is for most general personal things but then I have PleaseStop@FirstNameLastName[.]com which is what I use for site sign up that I know is going to send spam garbage. Both emails auto resolve to a gmail but a filter is setup to catch all the garbage emails to PleaseStop that go straight into the spam folder.

Domain is $12 a year from Google and because I’m also using gmail it was really easy to setup. Google kind of hides this feature on the surface because they would rather you sign up for a business account for this but it is built in and very easy to setup if you follow their tutorial. Takes like two minutes.

I’m looking to do it with Proton Mail soon as I migrate away from gmail but it does require their $4 a month plan.


So I’m in Australia and Halloween was never really a thing when I was growing up, it’s becoming increasingly popular now though. I just moved to a major city from the country and wasn’t sure whether I should expect kids to come knocking on the door. A day ago we got a letter in the box saying a group of special needs kids and adults are planning to trick or treat in our neighbourhood and to email our address to let them know they were welcome. How could we not!

Inspired by Patrick’s pumpkin judging stories I figured I better go carve myself a jack o lantern. Leaving it to this morning, the 31st I headed to the grocer to try and get a pumpkin. Couldn’t get one but I did get my hands on a 7kg watermelon. Actually seemed a bit more seasonal appropriate as Halloween marks the start of summer here. Also scooping out pink flesh certainly has vibes. Pretty stoked with the result:

I also have myself a giant bowl of watermelon flesh, daiquiris and candy tonight!


Awesome watermelon!

I made another video game themed pumpkin this year that I know zero people who come to my door will recognize. It’s not as bad as the year I made a zero escape pumpkin, but still…