Episode 439 - The Dark Souls of Pokemon

We’ve got an extra beefy episode today, because guess what, it’s JRPG time! Gita Jackson joins the pod to talk Shin Megami Tensei V, a game we totally don’t call “the dark souls of Pokemon” in any serious way but it was too cursed to not get out of my head I’m sorry. It is, however, a traditional JRPG in a lot of ways that most other franchises have moved on from, for better and for worse. After the break, Rob and Patrick have been revving up their engines in the new Forza Horizon 5. Patrick is enjoying it as a first time Horizon player but Rob has a bone to pick both with some electronic break models and the ghost of Cado’s drivatar haunting his races. After the outro stick around to hear Patrick and Cado, then Patrick and Austin, gush over the 15 minute Elden Ring gameplay video. #potboygang

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I feel like I’m missing something with Elden Ring. I watched that trailer and felt nothing. That’s not to say it doesn’t look very good!! It’s just the first From Software reveal that had me feeling “Oh, so it really is just another Dark Souls huh”.

I’m sure word-of-mouth will get me excited closer to release, but it’s not registering for me at the moment.


I am very upset to learn that SMTV doesn’t let you save anywhere and has no checkpointing at all. That is fucking bullshit by any standard, WHY???

How is that for?? How does that make anything better for anybody???

This went from my most anticipated game in years to one I might skip. I’m terrified I’ll lose three hours at one point and get so angry that I’ll never play it again. $60 down the drain. :slightly_frowning_face:


In contrast, I am very stoked to be mad at a new SMT game.

CW: over used implied spousal abuse joke from 6 years ago at the end


That Elden Ring gameplay. There are few games which are able to translate the concept art into the actual game, but Elden Ring appears to be one of them. From the visuals alone, my jaw dropped for 15 minutes. This is a big step forward for From Software on a technical side (even if some animations are straight up ripped and tweaked from DS3) and next level shit in terms of art direction and design for action games as a whole. Ghost of Tsushima looked good, yet still tried to be a fancy movie. This is different.


Ahem… Excuse me. Sorry about that. Just have to remind everyone that a Mexico is a Megadiverse country with a comparable range of natural diversity to the US. Obviously the snow is generally confined to highlands, but there are a LOT of those in Mexico. 12 of the states get annual snowfall.


After the Elden Ring footage I saw a couple of folks referencing the painting “Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer” by way of how it seems to encapsulate current open world games. At first I was annoyed and thought “great, just because a game has fog we now have people referencing classic art because IT TOO has fog.” Then I heard Austin talking about conquering a territory at the end of the pod and thought “oh, I guess the comparison makes a bit more sense now.”


Catching up on podcasts but: Casey Mongillo is voicing the Nahobino in the English dub, so I’m willing to say he is actually non-binary

Catching up as well and fair play to Patrick’s child for being smart enough to pick up on the implied violence. I thought the little kid’s parents at the start were screaming at Jeff Goldblum due to the way the transition happens.