Episode 441 - Herodotus: Check Out This Bullshit I Saw!

The crew is fully on their bullshit this week, some of it good, some of it great, and some utterly disappointing. First up, Cado is becoming the pilot he always hoped he could be in Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation: Code Fairy, a game about a group of young women that form a secret elite squad of Zeon pilots that were always just off to the side of the original Gundam anime’s story. It’s got a convincing weight to it that has Cado chomping at the bit to play the next volume (or maybe hop into the multiplayer game it’s mechanics come from). Patrick regales us mere mortals with tales of his time in Elden Ring, the upcoming From Soft open world game. He’s enjoyed his time checking out all sorts of fun bullshit in the surprisingly dense world. After the break, Rob is back from an extremely uneven review event for Battlefield 2042. Even looking past the technical issues the event had, the main game modes he played left a lot to be desired, that is until DICE let him at Battlefield: Portal, a build your own game mode with an intricate amount of fine tuning available, with assets and maps from across Battlefield’s history. Stick around near the end of the podcast for an Anime Announcement, and Cado and Patrick yelling a bit about Natalie and Rob’s Inscryption run.

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I get a Bad Gateway error trying to download this episode but older episodes download fine

Edit: Fixed!

Oh my god. Oh my God. That’s everything I’ve ever wanted out of life.

EDIT: Rob should start with either MS Gundam The Origin or 8th MS Team.

I just want to throw the JP-only Wii game Gundam MS Sensen 0079 on the pile, I keep telling people about it but it’s a neat first person shooter with pointer aiming and motion controlled swords. It has a bunch of different suits you can use and while the main story is about two random squads (one Fed, one Zeke) there’s also a scenario mode including various scenes from various shows including IIRC a 08th MS Team mini campaign.

And yes, the Z’gok looks like a Pokemon, specifically Electivire.

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Just wanted to pop in real fast to mention that Made in Abyss’s content really is as grimy as advertised IMO, and the creator has made some questionable choices of fanart to promote online.

I wrote in to gaming@vice with more detail, as it’s CW city. Whatever y’all decide to do is your creative prerogative, just hope you look into it more first. PSA over. :raised_hands: