Episode 446 - Who’s Dune?

Patrick is falling dangerously close to a genre he swears he’ll never touch… MOBAs. He’s been checking out Arcane, but instead of talking about it, Natalie, Rob, and Cado derail him into an extended news segment? Then, Cado’s living his best hacker life in Midnight Protocol, a tactical hacking game you control completely from a command line prompt. After the break, Patrick is back on his platforming bullshit with Solar Ash, the new game from developer Heart Machine that’s one part Jet Set Radio, one part Shadow of Colossus, and a whole bunch of parts awesome. Rob’s rallying the troops in Company of Heroes 3 multiplayer alpha, the latest in the storied RTS franchise which is now getting a little bit better about giving newer players tools for learning. Then we dip into the question bucket and get to the bottom of Who is dune?

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I think the problem DICE is running into is they seem to think bigger = better and that is just not the case. Battlefield 2 maps to me were the perfect sweet spot of big but not too big and scaling boundaries for 16, 32, and 64 players helped a lot. So much time spent on Strike at Karkand and Gulf of Oman.

All around I believe BF2 is the game in the series I spent the most time on with 2142 being a close second. I understand why people like Bad Company 2 but everything past that just feels like a downgrade almost? Battlefield doesn’t need hero characters, abilities, or a huge cosmetic store. Not being able to move fast was part of the appeal because it meant vehicles played a heavier role and respawning was a bigger penalty. Having 7 classes was good because it made you feel like you were filling a vital role. The squad system in those games, especially 2142, felt so much better then any of the modern BF games. Squad leaders getting access to cool gadgets like respawn beacons to allow people to spawn in from orbital drop pods was such a cool idea and could be abused in creative but often fair ways like getting access to rooftops you normally couldn’t.

There’s also the entire mod scene around BF1942, 2, and 2142. You can’t talk about the peak modding years without talking about these because of their influence in today’s games. Project Reality as an example originally came out in 2005 and is to me the game that set in motion the sub genre of modern light military sims for people who wanted something of an even point between Battlefield and ARMA.

Shout out to Battleracer which I think everyone at some point who has played a battlefield game has just thought “You know they should make a racing gamemode”

Also Interstate 1982 was just silly fun


Important addendum re: paper towels.

Just wanted to clarify things after hearing Rob’s Blackhat slander. No, it’s not the greatest movie ever, but it is actually pretty interesting and well made. But the real interesting thing about the director’s cut is that it takes the big setpiece that right at the beginning of the movie and seems to set off the entire plot and moves it to halfway through the movie which is kind of wild.


Dune is just the friends that Paul made along the way.


Fun fact: Todd Haberkorn is also in Solar Ash, where he does a much better job. Some great voice direction in that game.