Episode 450 - The GOTY of GOTY Categories

GOTY Season. The time when many games media people really reflect on the year that was, and the game that they played through it. But what if instead of a list of just our favorites we talked about the ones we stuck with too long, the ones that we wished we played more, or the ones that caused the most discourse? This year, we asked you, our listeners, to submit your GOTY categories, and we sat down with 20 of the best to take a look back at 2021 from a slightly different point of view.

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I guess I agree with their opinion that the first half of this year was pretty dead, but also I had just horrendous luck with the games I chose to play up until maybe the last few months when it’s picked up.

Most of the games until June were all things I really liked at first then soured on by the end. Those being Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, which by the end I decided was extremely uninteresting. Neir Reincarnation started exciting until it just ended up being an endless slog going nowhere. I really loved Haven until after 10 hours the endless perfection of this relationship grated on me and none of it felt real anymore, and I got sick of them, and everything else about it. I even picked a random indie game, Blue Fire, and loved the platforming part of it, but that’s a bonus side objective in what is otherwise a largely unsuccessful attempt at 3D Hollow Knight, with awful bosses. Got nothing out of Deathloop either…

Am I just bitter and twitchy and old now and can’t enjoy anything? Well, everything I’ve played in the last two months has been incredible: Metroid Dread, Death’s Door, GOTG, now Chicory looks promising. And even in the dark days of the spring, I still found gems like Gnosia and Disco Elysium, so I dunno.

Really inconsistent year, less than a truly bad year.

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Did anyone catch the name of the podcast Patrick mentioned? The leftist lawyers explaining why everything in the US is so f*cked up. I have been digging for it, but I can’t find it. I am wondering if I misheard the name.

ALAB or All Lawyers Are Bad. The poster AllahLiker on Twitter is one of the hosts.

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I meant to submit “Best Proper Nouns” as a GOTY category after playing Halo Infinite but I never got around to it