Episode 451 - The Final Question Bucket of 2021

As the year comes to a close, Rob, Patrick, and Cado gaher one last time to talk about how cool Inscryption (last time this year, at least). Then they clear out the question bucket for 2021 by trying to decipher the contents of a company christmas "dinner," genres they would be into in an alternate universe, and whether or not this image is loss.

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When I was a little kid my parents and grandma barely cared at all to content protect me, and if they did, I could go over my big cousins’ house where there were truly no rules. But I can tell you that I saw all the weird mindbender movies of the late-90s around the same time I was in third grade obsessed about Pokemon. Fight Club, Se7en, Pi, Boiler Room, Usual Suspects, The Talented Mister Ripley, and probably worst of all was Requiem for a Dream.

I’m still terrified of needles. Also terrified that I might be hallucinating large chunks of my life or that I might have imagined whole people (was very happy once when a friend from high school met an online wiki friend, since it confirmed that both of them were real).


I secretly watched Hollow Man from the stairs while my parents were watching it as a kid and had nightmares for quite awhile about invisible Kevin Bacon.


I remember hinting to my parents that I really wanted the Xbox 360 for Christmas the year that it came out, but my mom being pretty against consoles. Despite this, I found a copy of the Harry Potter Quiditch game for the OG Xbox in her closet while snooping around, so I knew that I might be getting it or at least the Xbox that year.

On Christmas I unwrapped the game and waited for an Xbox-shaped present to reveal itself, but it never did. It turned out that my mom thought it was a PC game and she still had no intention of buying me a console, so she returned it and I got myself a PC game instead.


Waypoint 451 - the temperature at which emails burn.

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