Episode 454 - The Games We Think Will Come Out in 2022

2022 is barely two weeks old which means there isn't a lot of new games yet, so we look towards the future to consider: "You think that's actually gonna come out this year?" But first, Patrick is sweeping through some 2021 indie platformers, Rob's rediscovering Halo: Combat Evolved, and Cado's griping about the latest Valorant season.

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I bet Horizon: Forbidden West and Pokemon Legends: Arceus are coming out this year because they have dates of next month and two weeks from today, respectively. Beyond that, may the build regression be ever in your favor.

Horizon Forbidden West is next month?? I feel like there’s been barely an ad campaign yet. I thought that was in the summer.


February 18th, barring a Cyberpunk situation

Did anyone else get a crypto ad at the beginning of this episode? Downloaded in the UK.

Yea, also in the UK