Episode 456 - Cosmic Resonances

Boy oh boy is it football season. To start off the pod, Patrick and Rob dive deep into the weekend's playoff games. Then they discuss recent developments in the Microsoft Activision acquisition, as workers at Ravensoft begin the process of forming a union. After the break, Patrick checks back in with his final Halo Infinite thoughts, and then he and Cado go full spoiler mode for Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye.

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I always find it a little funny that of all the podcast I listen to, the explicitly anti-capitalist gaming podcast has the most football talk.

As a Niners fan this post season has been incredible. The team looked messy all year and barely scraped into the playoffs. I didn’t expect them to win a single game and instead they embarrassed two old rivals and have a championship matchup against a team they beat twice already this season.


Kyle Shanahan slipping into the playoffs with a wild card squad and then sidling up to his old assistants like the “call an ambulance… but not for me” meme guy.

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Quick note on a key point of the Outer Wilds spoilercast, so spoilers for echoes of the eye:

You pretty much got it right except they weren’t “controlling” the eye through their device, but to block its signal now knowing what doom it forbodes, the only thing the prisoner who woke up did was to briefly stop the signal blocker, allowing the Nomai to find the system.


On that, I do think a weakness, or at least a not-fully-addressed-issue, with the Echoes of the Eye stuff is that telling the story entirely via pictures, because you don’t have a common language, introduces a lot of this inherent vagueness/reliance on the player to interpret your images as you did. Both of the streamers I saw play Echoes of the Eye had moments where they just gave up interpreting a slide sequence, and waited until the next loop to read the summary in the ship’s hints log. .