Episode 459 - No Crimes Happening Here!

Patrick and Rob are having heating issues, and are absolutely not going to commit any crimes at all to fix them. Patrick's been checking out Bloodborne PSX, a game that controls too well to have ever actually been on the PS1. Speaking of controls, Patrick and Cado check in with King's Field IV, and find that after some cough cough controller rewiring cough cough, there's a lot of Souls DNA in this PS2 game, more than they'd assume without Miyazaki at the company. Then Rob, Patrick, and Cado put Back 4 Blood to bed after finishing the finale finale on stream last week. Then a quick dive in the Question Bucket is followed by a hefty discussion of this week's NFL controversy.

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The idea of a laptop near water let alone above a bathtub horrifies me. The point of a bath is to relax not sit there paranoid that I’m going to ruin a very expensive electronic device!


I need a T-shirt that reads “GOOD SELTZER SHOULD HURT” with an angry looking Eevee on it.


Holy hell that’s some pricy seltzer. The Brooklyn Seltzer Boys, even if you ignore the damn near $100 activation or deposit fees are charging you $45 for ten bottles of seltzer and each bottle is well short of a liter at 26oz. At BEST, you’re essentially paying $5 for a single liter of seltzer that’s unflavored, hard to store, and you have to be precious with when handling. Once you factor in the other costs it’s closer to $10 a liter for seltzer. This had better be some transcendental fizzy water, I should be seeing god when I sip this. You’re worried about finding things to fizz up to use your seltzer before your next delivery, with roughly 8 liters I’ll be through that shipment in less than two weeks.

I also feel like this is one of those being overly romantic about the past moments. You dream of having “real” seltzer, the old timey before everything was owned by half a dozen massive soda conglomerate seltzer, the chipper delivery boy in overalls seltzer, the pulling your siphon out of you walnut cocktail drawer at 5 pm and loosening your tie seltzer. Then you pay far out the ass for it, take a sip, and come to find that actually that biting carbonation is kind of unpleasant and your previously mellow cocktail is now attacking you, and a cool glass of seltzer on a warm spring evening goes from refreshing to abrasive. Stop trying to convince me that real seltzer hurts, if it hurts I don’t want it.


I think you’re missing the main reason people would pay this kind of money for seltzer: To re-enact seltzer gags from The Three Stooges with that old-timey bottle!


Yeah but for that I can just buy a glass soda siphon and some CO2 carts

Re: the bathtub question, I’m in the big bathtub Club 100% because of the privacy issue. Enjoy reading in the tub which has its own risks. A few books/ trade paperbacks have been dunked.

Never used a notebook computer in there or tried planking it. Seems like even if there isn’t a dunking issue, moisture would be a problem.

Never owned a big ass tub and also never considered the issue of it being too heavy for the floor/ceiling ! But it totally would !