Episode 460 - Welcome Renata!

Our brand new gen-z correspondent Renata Price is on the show today to tell us that gamers age 15-25 did Not like the Nintendo Direct. However, us 30 somethings were hootin' and hollerin' about the various remakes and something called "mouthful mode." Patrick and Cado have both checked in on new MMO du jour Lost Ark, a South Korean produced MMO that's been making waves in its home country for a few years now. After the break, Rob takes us on a journey through his medieval monarch machinations as he checks out the new Crusader Kings III Expansion: The Royal Court. Then we answer some questions and really get deep into the ergonomics of bath sitting.

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A real Klonoa advert:


Cado saying “oh we have a Trello!” is making me flash back two years to my pre-grad school job with a mix of anxiety and dread.

Loving this so far though.

I’m joining Patrick in the inbox-as-to-do-list camp. All you unread email enjoyers sicken me.

In other news, Renata is a treasure.


Welcome aboard o7

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I haven’t finished this episode because that talk of tendons made me have to pause this for awhile, especially that rock climbing shoulder image, yyyyyuuuuuuuck.

Some real After Dark energy in this pod!

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I just assumed everyone with a tub/shower combo sat down in it at some point.


I believe it’s pretty common to take seated showers in Japan. Certainly that’s how you prep for going into an onsen, but I think it’s a thing for private homes as well.

Should we be worried how easily Rob jumped straight to Richard III-ing his way to power?

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I’m a full-blown shower sitter. Every single time. Shower/bath hybrid is how I live.


Whenever I’m at my parents’ house I end up taking obscenely long showers because their bathtub is actually big enough for me to sit in and just chill for a while. Highly recommend the big tub and shower sits, it’s incredibly peaceful if you do it right.

I miss the time when me and my mom lived at a place with a bathtub, but that time has long since passed and my own place has no space to fit one of those inflatable ones in the shower. That’d be one of the things I’d look for when moving next time because bathtubs are super relaxing, I feel like it’d take the stress right off a long workday.

I’m less jazzed about hot tubs just for the idea of the maintenance and lack of privacy involved, imagining cleaning out all the grime that accumulates over the winters and frequent rain showers just to use it for a couple of months. (the weather situation is probably clouding that judgement a bit, no pun intended)