Episode 461 - Patrick's Trick

We have special guest Matthew Gault on pod today to talk about Horizon: Forbidden West. He and Patrick have both put time into it, but they're both starting to experience fatigue around this particular open world design philosophy. If what you've wanted is a prettier, bigger Horizon: Zero Dawn though, this game seems made for you. After the break, Cado puts the end cap on Pokemon Legends: Arceus, confirming his suspicions that the narrative doesn't satisfyingly address the conflict between colonizers and indigenous people that they've based their story on. Then there's a quick dive into the question bucket for some deliberations over being a "Rob Zacny type," accidental boat purchases, and video game branded jeeps.

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I spent the whole year I was 27 thinking I was 28. And that was four years ago now, so I’m certified an ancient failure these days.

My birth year was a very nice round number, so I’ll probably never have the experience of forgetting my age.

I’m with the listener recommending against espresso. I used to work at a really excellent coffee shop that also sold beans to people that we’d grind to spec on request.

If we got people asking us for espresso machine recommendations we’d usually recommend a French Press. It’s the best balance of quality output for the work you put in and is almost impossible to wreck your coffee.

Even a basic blade grinder is okay for French Press, although the best results will always come from a burr grinder.


I know how old I am the same way you tell how far off lightning is. I stand up from my chair and count how many seconds it takes for my knees to stop hurting.