Episode 462 - Neck Deep in Foul Taint

You can thank new Waypoint crew Ren for that title, btw. Rob and Ren have been streaming Total War: Warhammer 3 over on our channel and experiencing all sorts of foul taints, like the foul taint of a hard counter faction setting up shop right next to you, or the taint of realizing the game was trying to get you to not have to fight them right away once you've already spent most of your stream fighting them. Cado's been dealing with the foul taint of corporations in Citizen Sleeper, a node-based RPG set on a space station in a future where people rent their minds to corporations to pay off debts, with strong indie TTRPG roots and great worldbuilding. After the break, Patrick makes the hard decisions in Infernax, a 2D pixel art metroidvania with story branching choices. Then the crew dive into the Question Bucket for more Branded Jeep mayhem.

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I can’t tell what’s better, Patrick’s snarky ad read for the VPN or Gault’s reading of it for Cyber where he left two or three takes in.

Ren is pure chaos on the pod, love her as part of the crew.


Yeah her energy rules

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Yeah, Renata is an INCREDIBLE addition to “the gumbo” that is Waypoint!

Ricardo my guy, ya’ll gotta post a link to some pics in the description if you’re going to talk about detailed images of a jeep renegade for that long…


Where is the Jeep pic???