Episode 463 - You Could Buy A House With Those Skins

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The description makes it sound like this is gonna be two hours of some guy bragging to Patrick about all of his sick skin trades. Pass.

For what it’s worth, it isn’t. It’s more a conversation about the difference between the NFT space and the current existing marketplace for steam/etc skins and such and how that market came to be in some regards.

The comment about skins that could buy a house is in reference to the origins of the limited edition stickers for CS:GO and how a holographic sticker for a banned team that you could buy for $.99 is now individually worth $50k and that a CS:GO weapon with more than one of those sticker on it can go for half a million dollars. Unless he’s hiding it, Dmitri himself doesn’t have one of those.

It really boils down to manufactured rarity, a game’s popularity exploding, increased wealth in areas like China, and a burgeoning speculative market all combining to one perfect storm that creates a dramatic increase in value. Essentially it’s an unpredictable accident and had any domino not fallen in line these items would still be worthless. Valve didn’t create these limited edition stickers with any expectation they’d be worth tens of thousands of dollars, it just happened. Compare that to NFTs where the entire idea is that these things will increase in value and it’s a different story. Early CS:GO skins were arguably bought by passionate fans to flex for a totally reasonable amount (ignoring the gambling aspect), not to get rich and they stumbled into a fortune by circumstance, almost no one is passionate about the latest NFT procedurally generated shitty art, they are only passionate about the ROI.


I thought it was gonna be about redlining


I used to think the Hat Baron was cool/an interesting novelty. Now I know that the Hat Baron is, in fact, a landlord.


Behold my most valuable skin

I put a Howling Dawn sticker on a Nova Rising Skull StatTrak about 2 months before the Howl skin and sticker was pulled for art theft.

A Factory New StatTrak Nova Rising Skull is currently $13.

A Howling Dawn sticker is currently listed at $1,350 with buy orders starting at $1,035.19

I paid $0.80 for the Howling Dawn sticker and $2.20 for the Nova

When I still played CSGO I would purposely use the Nova simply to flex an expensive sticker on a trash skin on an arguably not great gun lol