Episode 465 - Rob Zacny, A River To His People

The crew have been having some computer issues, where for some reason or another their computers won't sleep correctly. I think they should probably stop giving them coffee right before bed, but apparently it has something to do with rogue usb devices. Patrick, Ren and Cado then continue their talk of Elden Ring, and consider where different people can find the Role Playing in a RPG video game. After the break, Rob takes us on a journey of discovery in Gran Turismo 7, where the cars are beautiful and Rob's Racing Wheel driving is not.

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The conversation at the top about choice paralysis for what to play was extremely relatable. I used to feel that way all the time until I basically stopped playing anything that wasn’t FFXIV. Now I can just boot that game up and plink away at various long term goals I have until it’s time to go to bed. Can’t have choice paralysis if there’s only one choice * taps forehead *. So there’s your solution, folks: just get really into a forever game. /s

I still have it for watching a movie/tv at home though, RIP.


Dril predicted this podcast.


If anyone at any point hears their computer making sounds like a geiger counter assume it’s the hard drive and check the SMART health. Also if you end up in a situation where your computer is randomly waking from sleep you can disable what devices attached to your PC are allowed to wake it but you have to really dig into the device settings to get to the power management checkbox for it. It’s not hard to find just takes awhile to navigate to. Would not shock me if there’s a Nirsoft tool that can do it for you.


What if your PC needs two attempts to turn on? Every time, always two attempts. I have no idea why.

Yeah, clicking to me is either a fan problem or an HDD problem, depending on the exact nature of the clicks.

When that’s happened to me, it’s always been a sign that the hard drive is starting to fail, but I am certainly not an expert and it could definitely be a case of correlation without causation.

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