Episode 468 - Paul, the Pizza Guy

Pizza. Keyboards. Tunic? Mechs. This podcast has it all and well, it was a hell of an edit. So we're running into stream time, so enjoy this very light teaser for the most Friday Energy pod we've recorded in a while.

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The phrase “nothing in Walmart casts a shadow” will haunt me forever.

My most notable experience with childhood pizza is not my own but my dad’s. He grew up in Pittsburgh near a place called Beto’s that, against all laws of God and man, bakes the crust with just sauce and then piles cold shredded cheese and topping on it. This place is, somehow, still open and he made my mom and I go there when visiting family. It was maybe the worst piece of pizza I’ve ever had. I don’t get it. Pittsburgh has good pizza. My dad grew up in an Italian neighborhood. And yet this is the place he loves.


I remember when California Pizza Kitchen showed up in my area and blew everyone’s minds. It was the first time most of us had pizza that wasn’t from a national chain or a grocery store freezer.

Either there’s a different commercial Rob’s referring to or he meant to say that it was a Pace Salsa commercial that birthed the incredulous “ NEW YORK CITY”. Either way, I’ll be over here weeping about all the useless garbage that has somehow lodged itself in my brain while useful information has become harder and harder to retain.

Zaireeka is a fun late 90’s memory and probably not a good album. I was maybe a junior in high school and I remember sitting on the floor at a friend’s house with a bunch of people who were way cooler than me listening to the Zaireeka and drinking wine, not knowing who The Flaming Lips were and thinking this is what sophisticated adults do. It’s the kind of thing I miss about the early days of the Internet where you could find a little bit of information about a lot of things, but a lot of your knowledge about things still came from word of mouth.


My pervert pizza of choice is Costco Pizza. And not the real pizza they sell over by the hot dogs and the chicken bakes, I mean the pre-made pies they sell in the back of the store. This is flavorless dough. This is cheese like an inch thick and has no viscosity, pure plastic. But I kinda love it.

Reminds me of the dogshit pizza I had as a kid, the square crap they gave us in grammar school or the Chuck E Cheese nightmare slices. Sometimes I want something totally flavorless and just want cheese and bread.

Also, making pizza at home is great and go for it. I make a shrimp pizza for myself that was maybe the best pizza I’ve ever had outside of one badass random pizza place I found in a Israeli colony town in the Golan Heights. That place was incredible.

Edit: Tech crew kids represent.


OK! GOOD! I thought so, but nobody corrected him so I figured it was one of those Berenstain situations.


Despite living in small towns my whole childhood, I like to think I had good local pizza places. In Nova Scotia we had Kenny’s Pizza and my local A1 pizza that were just phenomenal because of the amount of garlic they used and that they sold garlic fingers and donair sauce, and in Mass/NY we had Four Brothers pizza which is a fantastic greek pizza franchise.

Cado floating “Paul, the Pizza Guy” simply annihilated me.

As for childhood pizza, that’s probably Pizza Hut for me. Growing up where I did in England, Pizza Hut was “the good pizza” as separated from whatever few extremely-not-Italian takeout places were around had. I’d hang out a lot in the nearest city with my best friend from school and chances are if we were getting food, we’d go to Pizza Hut, a tradition that continued into college [high school, American readers].

My modern, specific, dang I wish I could go get that right now pizza is that when I lived in Tokyo I’d go to an izakaya chain that served pizza with two dips: cheese sauce and maple syrup. Frankly I don’t think there was anything that special about the pizza, but it did cement maple syrup as a go-to topping. That sweet and savoury combo can’t be beat.

EDIT: Oh, and I’m not familiar with the Flaming Lips album, but that sounds kind of amazing. I’m always fascinated by stuff like that, though mostly I think of gaming examples - stuff where you needed extremely specific set-ups or peripherals, like the huge controller for Steel Battalion or the many Game Boy Advances and connectors needed for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles or whatever.

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I’ve been fighting the “John Carter was good actually” battle for ten years and I’m far from done.

John Carter was good actually.

“Cado is my Tars Tarkas” is the sweetest thing anything has said on this podcast. I wish somebody loved me like I love a green Willem Dafoe alien with many arms.