Episode 470 - LIVE(?) FROM NEW YORK!

Content warning for discussion of alcohol from 2:38 - 9:58

We are all in NEW YAWK CITY???? Getting set up for a STREAM! To raise money for TRANS LIFELINE!!! On this pod though we talk about Norco, little dip of Elden Ring, and a day early discussion of Gran Turismo 7's credit problem.

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I would clap like a happy seal if Rob ever did a Manhunting spin-off episode where he showed Ren Thief and Manhunter.

Assuming she was down for it, of course!

EDIT: Spoilers for Cars 3: Lightning McQueen doesn’t die. He survives the crash from the trailer and passes the torch to another racer. It’s…eh.

Cars 1 is fun, Cars 2 is bad, and Cars 3 is eh. This has been yours Cars Update.


Oh wow, Ren going after Melenia at level 120 is pretty underleveled IMO. I was level 145, had to respec to a bleed build, and had to summon others with bleed builds to take her out, and even then it was close!


I think you can watch Manhunter far far more times than just four times in a single year. You can watch that movie a disturbing amount of times.

Waterfowl Dance and her grab are pretty level ambivalent I think. I was 170-something and both those attacks still wiped me out if they landed. Summons didn’t work and just served as a health potion for her with the life steal on her attacks.

Ultimately in the end I opted to stop using offensive ashes of war and swap in the bloodhound’s step. I’ve watched enough anime in my years to know if getting hit heals your enemy don’t get hit (The Raising Fighting Spirit starts playing). Bloodhound’s step gave me the evasion to zip in and out around her attacks to consistently build bleed damage and get out of her AOE ranges in phase 2.

It still took me 10 tries with the bloodhound’s step and it’s the ash of war I exclusively used in NG+


I think they’ve balanced Elden Ring in a way that makes it harder to brute force things by overleveling (because no matter how high your vigor is everything still kills you in two hits), but it still makes leveling advantageous because it gives you access to lots of different tools. It took me a few hours at 150-ish but I managed to take her down with Rivers of Blood and Black Knife Tiche, which let me burn through her first phase quickly. She does seem to stagger easily, and I found that I was usually able to get close enough to initiate with RoB before she started an attack sequence, which usually did about 25% to her health. Tiche is also easily the most aggressive ash summon and would routinely knock her out of combos, and her damage-over-time effect really cut off a ton of her health. I think I even knocked her out of a waterfowl dance intro with RoB’s final slash once. The hardest part of the second phase was learning how to dodge Scarlet Aeonia but once I did, punishing that with a Comet Azur blast was pretty easy. But that toolset wouldn’t have been available to me without specific and relatively high thresholds in Mind, Int, Dex, and Arc.