Episode 474 - BweeEEEEeeop SLAP

Rob Zacny, some would say, is a man of taste. And as any man of taste would be, he's incredibly discerning, especially when it comes to his Audio Equipment. Join Ren and Patrick as their whisked away on a tale of audio shops, conspiracies (!?), and audio speaker maintenance. After the break, Ren checked out Gundam Evolution, a new character based team FPS that has surprisingly good Mech-feel. Then she says some objectively wrong things about DOTA 2 that really made this producer question her judgment. Patrick has to address one point of clownification, er, clarification before our NORCO spoilercast drops later this week on Waypoint Plus, and then the crew takes a dive into the question bucket, where we learn that yes, in fact, Renata can be wrong (see: previous DOTA 2 statements).

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I feel like the podcast notes might be slightly editorialized


I feel like Rob is 3 steps removed from building his own audio equipment from scratch. Realistically, is there any reason you couldn’t build your own audio receiver?


The next time Rob goes to that shop the owner is going to inform him that there is a brilliant audio engineer who can solve all his issues, but sadly he is languishing in a Spanish prison and needs someone to cover his legal fee before he can be released.


I feel like someone needs to make a supercut of all the noises that Ren and Patrick make to simulate the audio calibration and put it over a video that reads “Get more with Waypoint+”


god damn now that’s a podcast episode, top fuckin tier

Could someone tell me what the Metal GEAR?! term is that had everyone Break? Psychokinetics just brings up Telekinesis links so I MUST be spelling it wrong, right? Or is Rob really out here using The Force to determine where his speakers go.

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I also almost fell from my chair when they first said it because it sounded like something straight off of Talos I. After reading a brief synopsis, maybe it’s not completely invalid as a field of study. But given the amount of snake oil that’s flowing in audiophile circles … yah.


Psychoacoustics is why lossy (mp3, etc…) compression of audio files ‘works’. So there’s some pretty valuable work in there. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some oil of snake mixed in, perceptual fields are strange.


Yeah, psychoacoustics is a very real thing. Whether any given product that claims to use it is actually doing so in a way that’s worth the money is another story, but as silly as the term sounds it’s not inherently nonsense.


Somebody recut the psychophysics Wikipedia page as read by Psycho Mantis, pls.

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Are you a person of logistics? Someone who understands that victory on the battlefield depends not so much on the tactics, technologies or strategic objectives of the forces involved, but instead revolves around the art of ensuring that the people who need food and ammunition get their supplies, and ensuring that the forces that oppose you do not get theirs? Do you understand that often you will face complications, not just due to enemy action, but also due to the harsh nature of mother Nature herself? Do hills, swamps, mountains, rivers, canyons, all stand in the way of you and true victory, and does mastering the battlefield rely upon crossing these obstacles quickly and decisively, a task that can often be far more complicated then it needs to be?

You are in luck. For I have a bridge to sell you.

Psychoacoustics is fun: Stuff like OpenAL Soft, Dolby Atmos or even Hunt: Showdown also relies on it for getting some really good “surround-like” sound out of a standard pair of headphones.


Anyone who produces audio, including podcasts, should know what loudness is. That’s a psychoacoustic phenomenon about perceptions of intensity of sound.

It’s pretty basic level stuff and I’m sure it can be both more complex than loudness, as well as full of snake-oil, but as others have said. Definitely a real thing.

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Yeah, I was thinking that recording and mastering spatial (including binaural) audio would be an offshoot from this, although I’d never heard of the term.

Rob also finally provided an explanation of how these high end systems help you tune your setup for your home. I’ve known it’s a selling point for other high-end brands such as Linn, but their websites are always light on details. Fingers crossed for that app not breaking in the future – personally, after the past decade I’m too sceptical of anything more advanced than a remote to aim for anything but the simplest options. An appliance not wanting to hog an IP address is a selling point to me.


I bet Mark Cerny is a Psychoacousticnaut

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I find that in a weird way, audio and liquor are bizarre parallels in terms of quality and price. I know when it’s cheap and bad, I know when it’s mid and reasonable, and I know when it’s “expensive” and great. Once you start inching further and further up the chain though, the price rises exponentially faster than the subjective quality. I think the most expensive scotch I’ve ever had was about $500 a bottle (not mine I assure you) and while it was certainly very, very good, it was absolutely not a 400% increase in taste over something still unreasonably out of my budget like a $100 bottle.

Also the obligatory: