Episode 480 - Patrick Klepek, the Profound Everyman

Much how Rob Zacny Predicted, it's becoming clearer that it will be a Banner Year for Narrative Games, and profound everyman Patrick Klepek is here dipping his toes into the game Renata and Cado definitely didn't bring to the table because they were both too busy doing other things: Citizen Sleeper.

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The power brick conversation reminded me of the time when my college macbook was the only gaming device I owned, and to my chagrin the battery would inexplicably drain while plugged in from full to empty in about 90 minutes whenever I tried to play anything even mildly strenuous. This went on for a literal year until, after some investigating, I realized that my sister had accidentally swapped my charging brick with the one for her Air.

Will never underestimate a power brick again.


I just want to say, the combat in Guardians of the Galaxy starts pretty perfunctory and bland, but by the end of the game, I actually think it did the Stagger action RPG system a bit better than FFVII Remake. It helps a lot that you get a full suite of elemental attacks and can command your entire party to plan things out. I ended up wiping out three bars of the last true boss’s health bar in one combo.

God, what a fantastic game.

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