Episode 481 - Playdate Interview and Gunzilla's Neill Blomkamp Interview

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Fucking yikes.

So… why are they burying this? Isn’t the whole thing with NFT shills that they want it to be as promoted as possible? The publicity is most of the value. It’s so strange…

just wanna note that this interview was probably recorded at least last week if not multiple weeks ago

I watched the video linked from that post and absolutely lost it at the crypto investment marketing saying “Build your crew into a Mega Corp”. Parody is dead.

Also, from that video, the answer to why gaming sites aren’t reporting on this is that all of the NFT marketing is being done on Telegram directly to crypto groups by the venture capital form behind them.


Covert marketing and actively hiding crypto involvement while marketing on video game sites is incredibly insidious. I hope Waypoint gets notified and cuts out the interview from the pod unless the developer pulls out of it.


Will any of these Crypto games even be finished in time before the entire market melts down into nothing?

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MH Ventures really knows how to pick winners.


Now truth be told I do not know a whole lot about crypto currency trading and all that but I’m pretty sure line is supposed to go up, not down. I’m also pretty sure that you shouldn’t brag about $8 million in investments but can only cite where $3K went. That’s seems like a lot of unaccounted for investment.