Episode 482 - But the Inquisitor Is Hot

It's Friday the 13th so we're kicking things of spooky style. The Waypoint Radio crew discuss the new Alan Wake 2 details, Bethesda's double delay situation, and Rob's new induction stove (which comes with its own set of built in curses). After the break, Patrick drops a cursed plan for... coverage of the next Avatar movie? In slightly (but only slightly) less cursed news, Rob and Ren have been checking out Warhammer 40K - Chaos Gate: Daemonhunters, a new Tactics game with heavy Gear Tactics vibes that makes a great first impression. (Also, the “Inquisitor is hot” per one Renata Price.) Patrick and Ren both dipped into Iron Lung, a submarine based horror game that does some interesting things with space and perception.

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I really hope they play Barotrauma because that game has amazing chaos. Very much a small problems become big problems become oh god we are stranded on the bottom of this cave with a breech but the guy with the right dive suit is knocked out and the medic has no idea what they are doing and the person who has nothing to do is playing a guitar and singing into their microphone about our impending doom.

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Cado said “Sadam Andler”, I need to tell people.

Also the Dunkacchino ad is the movie. Jack and Jill is a Dunk’n’Donuts ad pretending to be a real movie. The whole premise of the film is Adam Sandler (M) convincing Adam Sandler (F) to date Al Pacino (M) so he’ll do this dumbass ad. The whole movie is crass marketing to a reckless degree. I’ve seen it, it’s awful, hateful to its core.

And no, you don’t need to see it, Waypoint doesn’t need to see it, nobody needs to see it. It’s bad in unpleasant and uninteresting ways.


Highly agree. As someone who has also seen Jack and Jill, it’s not even fun to watch in a The Room way, or even as fun as other bad Adam Sandler movies. Just a horrible 93 minutes.


Bucket-o-Heinous suggestion: Donkey Kong CG TV series. And they have to watch it on twitch.

Alternatively, the Max Payne movie.