Episode 483 - Waypoint Radio Live: The Live Question Bucket

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I just want to say despite what people are saying on the Waypoint subreddit I think Ren is an excellent addition to the team and I think people need to chill about the exhausted like your coworkers joke. People pretending like they never tried fitting in with their senior coworkers and maybe going a bit too far. Happens all the time just not in front of a live audience. Going to also throw out there that if you’re complaining that you can’t listen to the podcast without using headphones because of the swearing why in the world are you listening to a podcast on speakers in a setting where people are going to get upset by that? I would be more upset by someone loudly listening to a podcast in the first place.


I watched the stream and if this is the same moment I’m thinking of the reaction to it made me so annoyed. Capitalism systems consume and reproduce everything they touch, including they’re own byproducts, including exhaustion. Being exhausted is not a competition and should not be spoken of as if there is a standardized hierarchy of who is suffering more. There are plenty of things Ren might have to deal with that Patrick and Rob would not and vice versa. The powers behind capitalist systems want people to turn they’re own anger and frustration with said system against eachother and waypoint shouldn’t be a place where we put up with that.


That’s ok, they use Reddit so they owned themselves.


Didn’t even know there was a waypoint subreddit, that’s wild. Went to look just now and yeah, seems like it’s mostly just complaining in general, so.

I’ll say I also love having Ren on the team, I’ve enjoyed basically everything she’s done so far. I’ve not been reading as many of the articles for a while as I did a few years ago, but I’ve started checking out a lot more now and really liking her stuff, particularly these recent overwatch pieces. And she fits in so well on the pods and streams it’s like she was always here, which, I am someone who gets genuinely upset about cast changes on my podcasts, so I was worried about that even if I knew I shouldn’t have been. Don’t really know what there is to complain about at all honestly.


Really don’t love how every moment of gentle ribbing involving Ren has to turn into fucking Discourse. Go touch some fucking grass if you get upset at how friends and coworkers choose to interact in public for your entertainment.

And I really do have to stress how this only seems to come up around Ren. The shit about her “bullying” Cado when she was just slipping into a dynamic that already existed before she came onto the show, for instance. People need to get a fucking grip, they’re all adults. Even if there is a problem then internet strangers with unhealthy parasocial bonds fighting over it is like the absolute last thing that will help the situation.


The Resetera thread is as bad. I will always miss Austin’s arguably untouchable perspective on games criticism but Ren already has a great voice and will undoubtedly get better as she gets older. A lot of people posting need to remember the hosts are all friends and enjoy the clearly jokey confrontational banter. People also need to remember that the hosts are active contributors in these spaces and see what’s written and I’d feel uncomfortable if I saw people criticising my friend and colleague especially under the guise of “defending” me or complaining that the good old times were gone.


I didn’t even know there was a Waypoint subreddit. I think I’m good here.


First off, what sort of sociopath listens to podcasts without headphones around strangers?

There is absolutely an element of sexism to it. A lot of people perceive a woman being self-deprecating or doing some friendly teasing as her being ignorant or cruel. You saw a similar pattern when Abby Russel joined Giant Bomb. Small errors she made would be blown out of proportion.

Ren is a fantastic addition to the team. While she has a habit of making needlessly broad declarative statements at time, so does the rest of the crew.


Would extend that to anyone who doesn’t identify as a man, because I find myself continually astounded at how much vitriol Gita gets every time they put even the most inoffensive possible opinion out on twitter. And not just from randos, and not even just from men! From people who should ostensibly know better too! Like, lord.

Anyway, Ren has almost entirely reinvigorated my interest in the podcast after falling off it a bit in the winter. The energy she brings to it is essential to the thing that’s always really compelled me about waypoint radio, which is the ability to swing from deeply earnest critique to absolute unmediated chaos and back, sometimes maintaining both at the same time. She’s been an incredible voice and also a force multiplier for the whole crew.


Anyone know what the Ocean song at the end of this podcast is? Googling the lyrics is getting me nothing.

This is a Ren respecting zone, she not only adds a fresh new perspective to the game discussion but is also very good at expressing that perspective, she’s very fun to listen to and redditors need to chill tf out.


Very much curios too. I’ve been listening for a while and missed when this become a running joke somehow.

The ren hate got bad over overwatch 2 - as if there’s a single opinion you can have about that game without sparking controversy.

It’s funny because I was genuinely surprised that people didn’t like her until I was online. It’s fair to assume that whatever issue you project on to the crew is nothing as it seems because they’re all fucking adults and can handle themselves

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I think Ren is an awesome addition fyi and as a long time listener will tolerate no Ren disrespect.

I’m on the same boat, I wish Cado would post his stream playlist publicly.