Episode 495 - Minecraft, Like Waypoint, Hates NFTs

Patrick returns! He's brought a tidy little knapsack of news, from new unionization efforts at Activision-Blizzard, Unity’s CEO putting his foot in his mouth (again), and Minecraft coming out anti-NFT. We circle back to Stray and talk more about its particular form of platforming, Ren is forced to pay Mario a 50-cent fee to use her 3DS again, and the question bucket forces us to ask a very weird question: is the conclusion of the O.J. Simpson trial a spoiler?

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It’s a neat marketing gimmick, but I have questions about whether or not it’s actually you know, a good game. Though I do think that the time stressor, being somewhat outside of the game, could add some tension, I’m not sure if it looks very fun. That’s fine for an indie though! And it’s kind of a wacky idea.

The refund policies on Steam are good to have but I do know for a fact that they get abused and a lot of people making a small game will get bupkis because of it. I doubt this will change it much but I hope there are some reworkings in the future.


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SMT Soul Hackers is a very cool game with a questionable use of Native American folklore. Would really like to know if anyone of actual Algonquian descent was brought on to help with the game because at least one of the character names in the Japanese version is incredibly racist I would say.

Wikipedia entry on this:

> The character of Kinap was incorporated due to Kaneko’s interpretation of the representation of Native Americans in North American movies, where they seemed both spiritual and upright. His Japanese name, “Redman”, was a symbolic representation of his origins. The main antagonist Manitou was drawn from the similarly titled Native American concept, which to Isogai was analogous to major deities from other religions including the Abrahamic God: its human shape represented the extent to which humanity had warped it. Multiple other elements of Native American folklore were also included.

Again I think this game is really neat and the visuals are great and it’s definitely worth playing but you have to go in understanding this is definitely a 1997 written video game by a group of people who did not consult anyone of the culture they borrowed from.

At this point it might be easier to just jail break a 3DS then it restore them the legitimate way. Nintendo is ready to abandon the platform officially, so why not turn them towards Black Magic?

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