Episode 497 - Ethically Sourced Grand Theft Auto

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If you normally listen via Spotify the episode is messed up on it so you’re going to want to listen via a direct link.


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Yeah the podcast ended so abruptly on an ad that I knew something was wrong.

Episode ended pretty abruptly middle of Rob’s sentence about the new Corvettes, which are extremely cool.

Problem is that my question it cut out on :sob: and I misspelled Rob’s name because my brain is too Game of Thrones obsessed. (Sorry.)

In case this helps anyone:


Thanks! 15 characters.

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Please, Rob, stop torturing yourself by trying to get good force feedback out of a Codemasters game. Try Assetto Corsa or AC Competizione, rFactor2, AMS2 or Raceroom. Raceroom is even “free to play”, i.e. a demo with limited content but unlimited playtime. IMO the more sliders a game has the worse the FF is. All you should need is “Force strength”, some kind of Damper for DD wheels, and some Gamma/LowBoost option for weaker wheels.