Episode 499: A Bungie-Shaped Funnel Cake

Cado's back! They've brought stories of mountains, horseback rides, and funnel cakes. But first, we discuss the lawsuits Bungie is bringing against users who have harassed its employees. After the break, Ren has been checking out an overhaul mod for 2018's Battletech called Battletech Advanced 3062, which adds infantry, vehicles, and more 'Mechs to the already great tactics game, and Patrick is checking in with the Live a Live Remaster, the first official western release of the cult classic game that holds up to its cult status.

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I’m here to defend Michigan fudge as someone who spent every summer living with my grandparents near Traverse city Michigan. Because you know what, is there such a thing as bad fudge?

That said if you buy that over priced Mackinac island fudge because it’s on an island you are a sucker. Beautiful island though that everyone should visit some day!


Counterpoint: all fudge is bad because it’s just a slab of pooly made chocolate frosting.


All fudge is tourist food. Fudge and funnel cake are both on the same spectrum of desserts; the so absurdly decadent you need an excuse to even eat them. You know who just up and decides on a Wednesday evening after eating a sensible home cooked meal to strut on down to ye olde fudge shoppe and eat a half a pound of chewy sugar? No one, that’s who. Anyone with a decent hot plate and a pot can make funnel cake at home, but somehow the thought of doing so feels like it would be a sin against god and nature. You need to be surrounded by a bunch of hastily installed sheds bunched together in a normally empty field, ideally next to an awkward hot tub display before it begins to feel like an acceptable choice. Oh shit, are those piglet races? Hell yeah put some cherry pie filling on top of that funnel cake! I’m not going to live forever…

All tourist areas have some fudge shop tucked away somewhere or whatever the local equivalent of a shameful indulgence that no one who lives there actually eats. I live by the shore, I could get fudge on any given day and I don’t because I’m decent human being, but when I travel to a different beach for vacation? You bet your ass I’m buying a brick of Oreo fudge.

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I think funnel cake, zeppoles, and beignets are all the same food but in different shapes. Just fried dough with powder led sugar. But I trust funnel cake the least of the three because they don’t have the pride of history and regional/ethnic culture to them. Funnel Cake will definitely be the cheapest and most sloppily made of your carnival food options.

Also the best kind of Pokémon is not a “dog with depression”, it’s a tiny amphibian baby, like Wooper, Squirtle, Goomy, Piplup, or Mudkip. A little happy guy who enjoys small ponds and streams.

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I grew up with malasadas as the default fair food, and I still don’t think I’ve ever had funnel cake. I feel like I got the better end of that deal, though.


Oh dang, forgot about them. Sorry, Malasada fandom.

On a general note, this episode had so much fun, chaotic energy. was nice having the whole gang together again.


I just want to inform anyone that would be interested, USB switchers are a thing, they’re cheap, and work very well.

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What’s your go to? I have a KVM switch that I feel like is the cause for some stuck key issues because they don’t seem to show up if I directly plug it into a computer.

I ordered a MLEEDA brand bi-directional USB 3.0 switcher off Amazon. I use it to switch touch screen control between 2 PCs using the same monitor. No issues. I did have one for switching SSD access back and forth between my PC and MiSTer for easily putting PSX ISOs on the drive since FTPing such large files over can take hours and unplugging and moving was a pain, unfortunately the bi-directional aspect of it mad my MiSTer always powering one of the boards I elected to just deal with moving USB C cables when I need to transfer files.

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