Episode 500 - The King of Executive Function Loves EVO

Episode 500 is here with a surprise: Waypoint+ now offers ad-free versions of the podcast! Then, Ren talks through an exciting EVO 2022, and how Bridget in Guilty Gear Strive mirrors a shift in the broader fighting game community. After the break, Patrick checks in with Cult of the Lamb, a charming roguelike with surprising sim elements, such as getting to brainwash people! For evil! Then, Rob tries to explain the madness of canceling a Planet Fitness subscription, while totally justifying some additional racing wheel accessory purchases.

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I remember the word on the street for that 2008 Alone in the Dark was that the first few hours were really good and then the middle section turns into pure junk. Laughably bad car physics and tons and tons of padding.

Those Evo stories were great, seems to have been a wild event. I sometimes wish I was more into fighting games, but I’m well past having the energy to spend dozens of hours into pure mechanical mastery. Even if as Ren says it’s as much about personal expression nowadays.


I like to play fighting games, but never competitively. The games made for EVO do nothing for me, but I do like a good campaign like the ones Netherrealm makes. No need to spend the time being mechanically great when you can set the AI to easy and have a grand old time.

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All booze collectors are annoying, collecting something inherently ephemeral is asinine, but bourbon people are especially inexplicable. A big part of the appeal of bourbon is that its fairly strict mash bill and barreling requirements means there isn’t a large variety of flavor profiles and a relatively high quality floor if it’s bottled in bond. As a result you can get pretty great bourbon at a reasonable price. I have had glasses from “unicorns”, they’re not noticeably better than the mid shelf barrel proof bourbons that you can get for a tenth of the price at any decent liquor store.

I’ve had some truly good expensive bourbon and some truly mediocre expensive bourbon. I think like many things half of the appeal is in the chase and the rarity as opposed to the contents of the actual bottle. Bourbon is going through a ridiculous bubble lately with traditionally very reasonable bottles going for almost twice as much as it should and that’s at retail, not even a scalper. You want to charge me $45 for Buffalo Trace? That’s absurd.

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