Episode 502 - The Embracer Group Embraces Once Again!

The Embracer Group is embracing game companies again and…Lord of the Rings? Patrick takes us through its effort to consume all. Then, Rob digs into the Total War: Warhammer III called The Immortal Lords, which dares to ask: how many sieges is too many sieges? After the break, Patrick has been checking out We Are OFK, which sadly is no Sayonara Wild Hearts, before Cado and Ren debate playing as (and against) Bridget in Guilty Gear Strive. And in the question bucket, we debate if Napoleon was the Predator of 18th century Europe.

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You ever see a Question Bucket topic and wonder if Rob sends in questions for himself


I can’t play games and listen to podcasts. Actually, I can’t even cook and listen to podcasts, turns out. I get so focused on one thing and the podcast will disappear into noise. It takes a very particular kind of game, basically just platformers without any story, for me to do both. I did get through an entire GiantBomb GOTY once by beating Super Metroid, good times.

Luckily my job is extremely boring so I get like 40 hours of podcasting time a week and whatever overflow is easily taken up by hiking and my daily commute in the car.


For anyone who wants to game while they podcast may I recommend Death Stranding which has both the sort of boring and mundane yet satisfying gameplay that amplifies a podcast listen as well as containing a garbage storyline that I wouldn’t recommend paying any actual attention to.


I wholeheartedly second this take on Death Stranding.
It’s a beautiful game, the progression is very workmanlike and satisfying, and there’s plenty of space out there between delivery outposts to let your mind wander with podcasts and the like.
The story, though… I am a big Kojima fan from the MGS days, but the story is the hottest garbage going round.

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