Episode 503 - Keighley’s European Adventure

There’s a lot of news out in the gaming world this week, and at some point between Gamescom opening night reveals and new Bioshock movie news, Sony decided to raise the price of the PS5. After discussing some of our favorite new reveals at Gamescom, Patrick brings us dire news of the Saints Row reboot, and how it’s missed the mark on what made the humor of prior entries into the franchise work. Cado’s been playing I Was a Teenaged Exocolonist, a visual novel life sim with, you guessed it, a card based mechanic. Then we take a leisurely stroll through the question bucket and accidentally send Ren tumbling down a Final Fantasy X-2 hole.

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I’m late on this episode but that listener question of “What’s the most obscure game you ever played?” is a cool one. Personally my answer would have to be some demo of a game never finished at a convention, but I can’t even remember what that was called. Like, there’s plenty of random games I picked up at a PAX for fifteen minutes and don’t even know if they ever were released.

But for actually finished things, my answer would be Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes, the fan ROM hack sequel to Chrono Trigger that bridges the plot gap between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Square Enix put a C&D on this thing, so it’s probably pretty hard to find and was only about 95% complete.

EDIT: Called it that Ren would play FFX-2 because of Paine. Knew it.


Same, I remember playing a game at I believe Dreamhack that was really and I mean really nowhere close to being ready for a demo.

I also at Dreamhack got to play Killer Queen on an arcade cabinet and it was very good, which I think is maybe the most obscure game I’ve played since I can’t imagine to many people have gotten to play the game in that way even though it was/is a popular show piece at conventions.

There’s also a lot of Dreamcast games I played that I think are also obscure just because of how fast that platform went out and how many weird games came out that never got ported anywhere else. E.g. Techromancer, Toy Commander, Crazy Taxi 2, Tokyo Extreme Racer 2, and Armada

Also I will stan Sonic Shuffle as the best party game that not enough people got to experience!