Episode 508 - What's a Disney Adult?

Natalie’s back! After a long time away in the land of game dev she’s returned with tales from…Disney Dreamlight Valley? But first, we catch up with the news this week, starting with the wave of layoffs hitting G4 and Fanbyte, and how gaming media in general has churned through so much good talent. Then, we check in on the latest Nintendo and Sony announcements, before rounding out the pod with a deep dive into the question bucket that has us dreaming up our ideal gaming spaces.

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I would LOVE to play a few rounds of Virtual On with Cado. I stayed at a hotel as a kid that had a machine and I routinely wiped the floor with the other kids staying in the hotel. I wonder how my skills held up throughout the years. That would also be my cabinet of choice for a game room, as well as a HYDRO THUNDER cabinet.


Okay, I need moral support right now. I’m dangerously close to being a Disney Adult, let me break this down:

  1. Kingdom Hearts is my favorite video game series

  2. I love movies and particularly animation, so huge respect for Disney, to the point I want to one day watch the entire Canon.

  3. I love theme parks and have been aching to go back to Disney World for years.

  4. I’m actually the kind of person who would have a Honeymoon on a Disney Cruise.

Is there any help for me or am I too far gone? Is this going to be my entire personality one day? Should I cling onto my Gunpla and Eco novels to try to stop the infection?