Episode 516 - What If the Plague Tale Kid Just Has Bad Vibes

Rob’s back! And he’s brought a bunch of cleaning anxieties with him! Luckily the video game news cycle has the perfect way to distract us all from our own anxieties with more bizarre phone requirements for a different Activision-Blizzard title, the conclusion of Nintendo’s union busting case, and a game on Stadia that will die along with Stadia because it can’t exist anywhere else. After the break, Ren and Cado tell tall tales of their space pirating adventures in Mauraders, Patrick’s doing puzzles and dealing with a rat plague (again) in A Plague Tale: Requiem, and we get a new trail to follow in the mystery of “Rob’s Mysterious Childhood Coffee Cake.”

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So is this Friday’s episode or is this Tuesday’s episode?

I think this is Friday’s delayed ep. Last newsletter said it might be late due to Savepoint prep.