Episode 519 - Happy Halloween, Here’s Some Lesbian Vampires

The air is crisp and everyone’s in costumes, which means we’ve decided our video game podcast should talk about Halloween III: Season of the Witch. (Seriously!) Ren’s celebrating spooky season with two horror games—the original Silent Hill and Saturnalia—and you’ll be surprised which has the more awkward control scheme, while Patrick’s been checking out Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, which is spooky because the rabbids wear the clothes of Mario characters. Then, we dive into the Question Bucket to discuss free food vs free clothes for life, tell a few more excellent ghost stories, and talk about Patrick’s haunted PS5.

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So, Cado is playing the Ka-Zar-Zoo… I’m playing a similar deck at the moment, and it usually works out quite well. To be able to drop four or more 1-energy cards in the last turn and have them each boosted by two points or more often swings the game. I don’t have a card that doubles ongoing effects though, wonder which one that is…

On the topic of Twitter, I took a timeout from it at the start of the year, because I had developed a bit of an addiction to doomscrolling, and it was considerably impacting my mental health. It can be hard to curate your feed when even the people you want to interact with drop a lot of negativity in your timeline by retweeting bad news and commenting on bad takes. In the months since then, I came to somewhat miss the positive interactions I had on the platform, but realised they didn’t make up for the negative aspects. While I was still pondering my future on Twitter, Elon Musk started his grab campaign, and I ended up deleting my account entirely. Seeing how he’s flailing about, I’m increasingly sure that I’ve done the right thing for myself. For the occasions where I want to talk to/about myself on an open platform, I’ve created a Mastodon account, and even found one of my best online friends on there.

I fully understand people who need Twitter for their work, and truth be told, I do not envy you one bit.


Damn I’m also running that exact same deck.

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Sort of nuts that Renataa & Cado know who Tim Henson is- didn’t think prog-rock instrumental guitar music was their thing, lol. (Also extremely funny to me that it she kept saying "Time Henson from Polyphia’).