Episode 520 - God of War: Dad Rock

Rob’s back this week to learn why he was canceled last week, and also to report that his household has been Marvel Snap’d like the rest of us. Ren takes us through Activision’s efforts to union bust, then Patrick updates us on Microsoft’s attempt to buy Activision. After the break, Patrick has been playing God of War: Ragnarok and asking just how “Dad” is Kratos? Then we dive into the question bucket for some new and exciting forms of backlog shaming.

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Are they ever gonna talk about Bayonetta 3 or are we getting an hour of Marvel Snap every week?

I guess enjoy what you enjoy, but I fast-forward though all that every time.

Marvel Snap is definitely one of the more competent mobile card games I’ve played, from a ‘is the game fun to play’ perspective, but after playing it for an hour and hitting the ‘give us $10 for a season pass if you want Miles Morales’ wall, I just uninstalled it and played a round of Slay the Spire instead.

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Wait, Ragnarok is out? But I just used my fun money on yarn for a new scarf! :<

I’ve heard a lot of things about Marvel Snap around the lines of it being fun, but I’m not really in the mood for games of it’s ilk, and similarly to ricotta, would rather go off and play rounds of StS or Slice&Dice rather than try to reconcile with the whole… ‘forever mobile game trying to suck the money out of you’ thing. I’ve always been, unfortunately, more partial to DC anyway.

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In Marvel Snap, I am on collection level 478, which means I’m just past pool 2, and I have not spent any money on the game. I obtain the free credits every day, and use Gold to refill daily missions when I have the time to do them. As far as I know, the season pass cards are timed exclusives, they will become available/unlockable to everyone after a season or two. My decks so far are serving me well, so I haven’t seen the need to get those specific cards, and I’m not that much of a Marvel aficionado anyway.

My ‘revive this’ multiplayer game is, as odd as it may sound, Battlefield 2142. It came out too soon after Battlefield 2, therefore split the player base, and it had some intrinsic performance problems that were never resolved while I was playing it. At some point the player base moved back to Battlefield 2, before Bad Company 2 managed to make most people migrate. But 2142 on a good day was fun. I enjoyed the different classes and weapons, the unlocks were useful without being this constant drip feed we see in games today. Lastly, Titan mode was something else entirely, and if you had good players and good commanders on the server, a round of Titan gave me a form of excitement that I have not seen again in subsequent entries to the franchise.


I think you are starting to hit the point where the FOMO money treadmill might kick in. At some point past where you are, you stop getting mystery cards, and start getting a 50% chance at a card. Then later: a 25% chance at a card, which could lead to a situation where you need to buy variants to get enough collection level to get more cards.

If it gets that bad, I’ll stop playing.