Episode 521 - A New Frontier on the Sonic Cycle

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I’m at Chapter 10 or so in Bayonetta 3 and have finally decided that doing the challenge rooms and the timed platforming challenges are more of a pain in the ass than they’re worth. Sure, I’ll get the Luka statue (basically a C grade) but whatever.

Unfortunately a lot of this stuff isn’t fun or creative, it’s just frustrating. Like “get 4,000 combo points without breaking the combo in a minute”, I don’t know what the game thinks a combo is or when it ends. The Viola thing Ren had so much trouble with actually broke me, I might mainline my way through to the end now.

EDIT: Sad Eric, that’s me.

Regarding the earnest question bucket advocacy for emacs: I would make strong financial contributions to a livestream of Rob becoming increasingly furious and intrigued while editing a bunch of .el config files. I’m pretty sure org-mode would blow his mind.

C-x C-s point!

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Sonics Got Good Bones is not a statement I want to think about.