Episode 531 - A Life Well Edited - Interview with Robert Ashley

It’s the holiday season and we here at Waypoint are giving y’all our first gift! We’ve had the chance to interview Robert Ashley, creator of one of the seminal video game podcasts: A Life Well Wasted. After nearly a decade, he’s releasing a new episode and we’re here to ask how it feels to return to a project after so long, how the podcast got started in the first place, and how being online has changed since the podcast started. Before we dive in though, Ren’s got new updates on her Dwarf Fortress fort, Patrick’s not feeling particularly high on High on Life, and Rob’s wishing there were maybe a little more strategy in Triangle Strategy

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Love having Robert Ashley show up on the podcast, being able to recall all the nostalgic anecdotes, and reminding me that my parasocial relationship with Patrick Klepek has lasted over 15 years. Love to feel that old.

Also, woo! Full “Miss You” at the top of the pod!


Really thought something was wrong when they played the full theme song at the beginning. That only happens in anime when something dramatic is happening, I do think I could handle losing Butterfree from the Waypoint Crew.

On Triangle Strategy, it is odd to me how much the temperature shifted against that game. There probably is too much dialog between battles (and the English dub actually sucks a lot of character out of pretty generic characters already). But the second half of that game has some real awesome fights. Even at the point Rob is at, he messed up by picking the surrender the Prince option because the fight against Avalora invading was a real nail-biter and saw my entire party KO besides my flying archer.

My complaint is that the story’s decisions are a bit bleh and they want you to play the game twice to unlock the “True Ending”, which I’m not doing.

Maybe Rob would like Tactics Ogre Reborn more, that is a better game.

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Oh man what a blast from the past. ALWW was my first gaming podcast, which led me to Idle Thumbs, which led me to both Giant Bomb and Rob Zacny, who converged on Waypoint. Sadly, I think my iTunes subscription for ALWW was purged at some point in the last 9 years so it was a genuine surprise when I saw this one pop up. Great interview, going to listen to the ALWW episode now.