Episode 538 - You Know I Love A Tall Ship

Winter’s usually slow, but not now—we’ve got games! Ren’s checking out Freelancer, a chaotic roguelike mode added to the Hitman world, and Rob is returning to his established love of tall ships with Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. Cado’s checked out a preview for the Like a Dragon: Ishin remake and might just need to play the rest of the Yakuza games. After the break, Patrick dives into the latest, surprisingly divergent episode of The Last of Us, and Cado’s playing A Space for the Unbound, a slice-of-life magical realist game set in a small town in Indonesia that’s equal parts charming and foreboding. Then, in the question bucket, we ponder how deep Patrick is willing to go to live the Kirkland Signature lifestyle.

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I’ve been holding off on Dreadnoughts for Rule the Waves 3. But Rob has got me thinking again…