Episode 545 - [Insert Pedro Pascal Exhausted Meme]

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Anyone getting increasingly more feral about the fact that Patrick still hasn’t brought up pizza tower??? That’ll definitely be his goty, right??? Does he know it exists? Why is he playing Kirby instead of it???


Somebody please explain to me why we didn’t get Zombie Monkeys?? Cowards!! Last of Us makers are cowards!!

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I was sitting here going “what is Rob talking about how no cars have buttons/dials anymore” and then he brings up BMW and Mercedes lol. Like yeah the top luxury car brands are doing that but if you look at something like a Hyundai they all still got knobs, buttons, and switches. I just bought a car and there are still a ton of cars out there that have a happy medium between physical and digital if you’re willing to not get something top of the line.

I can’t imagine what the question bucket looked like after that segment lol

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WAIT I JUST REALIZED THIS OMG. i didnt realize it when i first listened but he NEEDS to play pizza tower!

Did you send this question in?

Unfortunately not, if i send in a question i will be sure to include “meow” somewhere in the text.

But clearly that was sent by a genius