Episode 548 - The Assassination of Emperor Calus by the Coward Patrick Klepek

Patrick has been lured back into the deep embrace of Destiny 2, and in true Destiny fashion, has become one with the cheese. We wrap up our coverage of the Lightfall campaign and discuss difficulty spikes, community expectations, and where Patrick might swing to next on his Destiny journey. But first, Ren’s bringing us a new take on Sekiro-like combat with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Then Patrick checks in on Dead Cell’s new Castlevania DLC. After the break, Rob’s curious about some of the announcements at Paradox’s recent announcement stream, and then we dive into the bucket to ask “how many Boston squares are you willing to walk for good food?”

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Glad that Ren pushed back a bit on the Souls comparison for Wo Long and Nioh. Not that Team Ninja didn’t seem to take inspiration for their RPG systems from From but a lot of their design just comes from their own heritage of Ninja Gaiden. They’re action games first and foremost, fast and relentless. Coming to them with the expectation that they’ll be like FromSoft games makes for a weird impression, which Patrick seemed to experience.

I still think there’s too much loot in my current run of Nioh 2 but it certainly helps manage expectations once I understood that I shouldn’t bother too much with “builds” until new game plus. So: equip the highest attack weapon, sell or dismantle the rest with the “select all” button. Optionally, tune the weapon a bit if you do have one or two effects in mind. Same for armour.

Looking forward to playing Wo Long myself once it comes down in price, it’s getting high praise from most players. I grumbled more than a bit about the opening level previously, but the second level of the demo was great. Still curious that PC performance is so poor in it, Nioh 2 runs fantastic and looks about the same so hopefully some patches will get it there.


From what I hear Nioh 2 is an outlier in their PC ports of actually feeling optimised, really a shame when that can push a lot of people away, I’m glad to have largely avoided performance issues on game pass, I think largely due to having a decently beefy desktop.

I’ve loved playing Wo Long, it doesn’t feel overly complicated in its movesets which is something I disliked about Nioh (3 separate stances with separate skill trees and mapping for things like parrying? I can’t keep that straight in my head) and the enemy move sets and timing windows just feel right, even if the enemies haven’t been that varied in the 4 chapters I’ve played.
The loot is still overflowing though so I’ve simply resorted to picking a weapon and an armour set I like (plus cosmetics) and just salvaging everything else for materials and cosmetic options (which you get by salvaging armour pieces)

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I’m glad that Rob had the same thought I did with the Cities Skylines 2 trailer: it’s all cars, no transit. That completely turns me off.


Really wished we could get actual larger range of cities especially ones that arent American. I already live in concrete hell why does the game force me to continue living there


Gonna have to stand up for Ren’s take of a neighbourhood here. Would I take my friends for a 30 minute walk to get something? No, of course not. But if you aren’t willing to walk 30 minutes to get somewhere good, is it really your neighbourhood? You’ve got to own your city, not let your city own you!

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I mean, I have taken friends on a 30 minute walk to go get something. If you can’t spend 30 minutes with friends whilst doing a task, are they really friends?

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Fair. But like, you can still have friends who’d drag you for years after something like that, like Patrick and Cado do. 30 minute walks are for the Real Ones.