Episode 554 - E3 Is Dead (Again)

Turns out the reports of its death weren’t exaggerated, as the ESA announced that E3 2023 was officially canceled mere minutes after we stopped our original podcast recording. Rob and Cado are flying solo this episode and certainly thought it was gonna be a short one, but it seems that the Five Star Runtimes ethos has a full grasp on both of them. Cado’s been living their best hacker life in DROP - System Breach, a fast paced puzzle game that manages to get stellar “hacker feel” out of a controller based game. Rob’s thinks MLB The Show’s new Storylines feature on the Negro leagues is almost a home run, despite getting into a pickle rounding third base. After the break, we learn that Rob’s partner has some hidden AV sicko tendencies, chat about how Destiny 2’s current storyline stacks up to previous seasons, and take a dip in the Question Bucket to talk about control schemes and wild PC rigs.

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Woo, surprise Waypoint Sports podcast! I love an hour of Rob talking baseball.

Hilarious they open talking about a “one star runtime” too.


I feel like I’ve both seen and written a lot of obituaries for E3 over the years but this feels…different.

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As someone with absolutely zero interest in Baseball, I loved hearing Rob talk about it for an hour. Love me some Waypoint sports.

RIP E3. I really thought we’d see it last for at least another year or two.


I can’t remember - were both Rob and Cado out during the episode where they first answered the “How do people watch streams?” question?
I’m wondering whether this was a case of lapsed memory, or just a consequence of people thanking that sweet PTO.

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I had the exact same reaction. I remember Cado being there, but Rob was out the first time for sure

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Cado: [The season] ended with Commander Zavala being betrothed to a Cabal

Ah, nothing like suddenly yelling out “It did not!” in a silent empty room while listening to a podcast.

Ikora and Zavala joked about a political marriage to Caiatl. And it wasn’t at the end of the season, it was in the Witch Queen Collector’s Edition lore. I sarcastically hyperbolically will not stand for someone being so cavalier about Destiny lore. This is how that “the helmet stayed on” crap started.