Episode 555 - The Snap Heard 'Round Rob's Office

Patrick returns from his vacation with a sickness, but a new appreciation for the most recent Bayonetta game. Elsewhere, Rob’s new setup has growing pains, including the discovery that not even a mighty 4090 can overcome a botched PC port of The Last of Us. We also discuss online harassment campaigns and how they’re covered, the PSVR 2’s seemingly shaky launch, and different strategies for engaging with Roblox’s exploitative underbelly.

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All these stories that Rob tells of his cutting edge lifestyle really make me glad I’m willing to settle for simplicity and mediocrity. Also my TV probably isn’t going to snap in half next time I turn it on.


The DVD audio thing was an interesting bit of kit while it was around. I remember borrowing my dad’s Acura for long trips because it allowed for 5.1 audio DVDs and I’d listen to Dark Side of the Moon. It was a fun little oddity, and that particular album lends itself well to layers of audio bullshit, but it really did feel like people dicking around with positioning the stems after the fact because it was clearly never the original intent. I feel like it didn’t really go anywhere because surround sound feels less like a thing anymore and because it required a stationary listening experience which just isn’t how people listen to music much anymore. It made sense in a car where you’re a captive audience, but I haven’t sat down in one seat to ONLY listen to an entire album… ever?