Episode 560 - You Gotta Bust a (Marvel) Move!

What began as an offhand recommendation has become a full-on, HOTAS-driven fever with Everspace 2. Then, Ren’s checked out OTXO, a Hotline Miami-inspired game that’s more than a clone. After the break, Patrick spoke with Zombies, Run! designer Adrian Hon about getting into gaming through ARGs, the rise of gamified fitness, and his new game, Marvel Move. We round out the pod discussing piracy, Nintendo, and disproportionate punishments.

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My name is Eric, and that’s two episodes in a row that Renata has used “Eric” as a generic name for a guy. I speak for us all when I say we are proud to be your rando.


I’m surprised the Adrian Hon interview didn’t bring up this article that went minorly viral last week on game dev twitter: Gamification is broken | GamesIndustry.biz

It’s about Hon’s book citing examples of bad gamification. They talked about it a little bit in the pod but it’s an interesting article. Amazon and Uber suck shit.

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For what it’s worth, the default controller configuration of Everspace 2 works just fine (of course, after inverting the y-axis as was intended). I’ve been playing it on my Steam Deck all week; runs great!