Episode 561 - Please Activate This Copy of Windows 10

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I recently had to partially rebuild my PC. which I built over ten years ago (and then moved countries with). Way early on, the motherboard had taken a lightning strike, which made the integrated network card become Schroedinger’s NIC - it works or it doesn’t, but you don’t know until you plug it in. That wasn’t too much of an issue over the years, but more recently the motherboard itself became a bit more wonky. Also, it was old enough to not allow an upgrade to Windows 11, which I have now come to prefer over Windows 10.

I would have much preferred to buy a prebuilt PC, but alas, that was not in the budget. So I had to do with a new motherboard, CPU and RAM, while reusing the remainder of my components (the GFX is only a few years old anyway). It wasn’t too onerous a task, but it’s really not something I want to be doing regularly, it’s just. not. fun.

As far as activation keys for prebuilt machines go, some manufacturers code them into the BIOS (or something similar). They automatically activate when you install or reinstall with the manufacturer-specific recovery image, and you never see the license key. I did that with an Alienware laptop recently, and it was immediately activated upon finishing the recovery process.