Episode 562 - The End of an Era

Well, the time has finally come. Waypoint is closing up shop on June 2nd, and the crew is here to talk through how it all went down, and what we may or may not be doing next. We have a month so a lot of that is still in the air, but we get out some grief and step forward into our final month as a Website. 

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can’t wait for Waypoint Radio Episode 569


I don’t know when I’ll be able to listen to this, but I don’t think it’s today or the next few days.

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I kinda hope they line things up to make 569 the grand finale


skipping everything else in my podcast queue because I immediately need to know “what is next.” easily my favorite games podcast, whether or not it served as a true “waypoint” for the rest of games media to tack towards, I believe it raised the bar for all other sites to meet. what an incredible crew, what an incredible place.


Patrick talking about just loving writing itself is so charming. I’m still very fond of the written word and hope that there will always be some space for that in the future.



(fuck capitalism go home)


wiping tears away niiiice


It’s hard to find words to express feelings on the news, but I suppose ‘melancholy’ will do for now.
Waypoint genuinely radicalised me for the better, and has raised my standards for games reporting and criticism drastically.

I’m sure I’ll miss the articles that aimed to provide a space for diverse and insightful voices, but most of all I’ll miss the people. The folks who’ve left or lost their jobs at Giant Bomb, Polygon or Fanbyte over the years haven’t disappeared completely, they continue to do great work in different places, and I hope the same will be said for the Waypoint crew, whether they will attempt to form something new, or lend their talents in other spaces.

Even if it takes different forms, I believe there’s a place for the spirit of Waypoint to persist.
Speaking of, the unofficial discord is still going strong, it’s a great community that I’ll always enjoy interacting with.


For an extra kick in the pants, try looking for the General Store when they start talking about their fire sale plans :sob:.

It’s still there, the url just got hosed.

Just type it as jeneral store and it works

As for that discount code… anyone got the dirt?


Haven’t listened to the pod yet. Fuck.

I would obviously love to see these folks land on their feet asap, but man am I going to miss having them in my life. I wish they can continue having conversations with each other, and with us, beyond June 2 in some capacity. I will follow wherever they go.

Agree- I need a rob & pat pod in my life (sports, life or video games).